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Exclamation IronMan 2 MKVI "Extremis" Costume build W.I.P.

Hi everyone I'm Anthony Le, some may probably know me. Iron Man 2 is slowly approaching and i've seen the MKIV, but more that interested me is the Iron Man MKVI, rarely seen any leaked photos. I am at task in tackling the first MKVI Suit. so hopefully to wear on Halloween and for Ironman 2 movie release. also be going to comic-com 2010
i recently done War Machine Hybrid of the MKIII and the Phil Saunders design together. Also won the costume contest from Wizard magazine issue 217.

War Machine

Without further ado Here are my progress of my Iron Man MKV W.I.P., once base is finished then will tweak for final look and functions. enjoy please leave comment and what not ^.^


Iron Man MKV

-Build Material: High Impact Urethane Plastic
-Rivets and rivet washers
-Movie accurate Chest R-T v1.0
-Movie accurate Helmet v1.0
-open and close face plate design v3.0
-lighted eyes v1.0
more to come


Front View "Base coat of silver "

Rear View


My New MKV Helmet casted from my mold . yes i can see out of it and it has open close hinged that i designed.

just did that to give me a mental picture to see whts to come.
undetailed "just painted chest armor"

undetailed rearview "just painted"

Finished and painted Ab area. side shot

front view

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