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Default Re: IronMan 2 MKV "Extremis" Costume build W.I.P.

Originally Posted by Masterle247 View Post
Nope just my previous version.
Proof Masterle247 is Tony Stark:
-His name is Anthony, same as Tony which is short for Anthony.
-He likes teh ladies.
-Seemingly rich, can afford the stuff to make various suits.
-Has various "Iron Man" suits.
-Seems to have a lab in which he creates all of his suits.
-Probably has a Hall of Armors.
-In the press.
-Likes alcohol.

It feels good to be sent some good stuff I love to act and I love to challenge myself and all these scripts are very different.
Im getting offered a lot of porn these days which is fantastic. -- Idris Elba
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