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Default Re: IronMan 2 MKV "Extremis" Costume build W.I.P.

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
Amazing job. The only reason the movie suits look better is because they arent made from thin layers of plastic but they are molded into thick pieces, so the suit is more robust. And i suppose that there is some sort of cushion inside the suit, fixing the pieces firmly on Downey so that they dont move around.
Perhaps if you start making molds you can do it just as good as they do.

In any case, amazing job. Congrats!

if i had funding like the movie did, i would make better suites. Money is always an issue with me making thing. i can make the craziest stuff possible. it just the money is my bottle neck. plus i need to do a photo shoot of the costume when im done making this. because my camera dosent do this any justice.

On another note, thanks for the comment. still so much to do with this costume.

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