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Default Re: Good God at the hate for this film !

Originally Posted by Alex Logan View Post
Okay, maybe. But... I've got challange for you. Name ten films in the past ten years that are BETTER then TDK.
1. Fight Club
2. The Matrix
3. The Sixth Sense
4. Unbreakable
5. X-Men2
6. Oceans 11
7. Gladiator
8. Training Day
9. Memento
10. LOTR trilogy(that's three movies)
11. Lost in Translation
12. Crash
13. The Departed
14. Blow
15. There Will be Blood
16. No Country for Old Men
17. The Bourne series(that's three movies)
18. Casino Royal

Those are just off the top of my head. If I think harder, I could come up with a lot more movies that are better then TDK.

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