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Default Re: Shane Black to write a script for DOC SAVAGE

Shane Black is a ballsy writer. I've liked most of his stuff. Dont think his personal style fits Doc Savage, but Shane also seems like a bright guy, he could probably easily adapt to the material. Also with Shane involved you know at least substance/content wise it will be accurate. That seems to be something Shane has a lot of respect for, the original content of his work.

My choice for Savage: Eric Dane. He just looks like a classic heroic adventure. Broad shoulders, squinty eyes, and he pulls off the fashionable Indiana Jones stubble. He also seems like he can handle a lot of attitude Same reasons I want him for Metamorpho (since thats Rex in a nutshell pre-transformation). Too bad he is really showing some age and constantly complaining about his bad knees that stop him from seriously considering hero roles (self-admitted)

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