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Default Re: Shane Black to write a script for DOC SAVAGE

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
what studio is backing this movie up btw?
From AICN Monday, October 26, 2009:
Correction: Orci & Kurtzman not producing DOC SAVAGE, but we know who are!

Originally Posted by Harry Knowles

Hey folks, Harry here... Ok - so when I was talking to Shane Black at the HIGHBALL here in Austin, I was absolutely positive that he said Orci & Kurtzman as being the producers of the DOC SAVAGE film that he was set to start writing. Turns out, that's not the case. Today, I received a call from Shane Black's manager to clarify what was obviously a very odd communication issue. (I only had one drink that night) But it turns out that DOC SAVAGE is being produced by Neal Moritz and Ori Marmur for SONY PICTURES.

With those two involved, it makes me wonder if they're thinking about Vin Diesel for this... which I would not really know how I'd feel. Vin's voice just doesn't sound like my imagination ever "heard" Savage speak with. Shane's manager is quite excited about the project and hopes it moves along quickly. That said, ever since I've started this site, Doc Savage has been in a constant and ever evolving creative endeavor... From Frank Darabont, Chuck Russell & Arnold chatting about it - to rumored developments with Sam Raimi's company and even Kerry Conran being rumored.

Where will The Man Of Bronze end up? It's anybody's guess - but let's see how Shane's script turns out! That's where this chapter will begin!

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