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Default Re: James Buchanan Barnes aka The Winter Solider

I've wanted to see this movie for 25 years! I hooted and roared when I saw a teaser for the 1990s movie in the theatres (at Tremors) I've dedicated a lot of time to researching WWII because of my love for this character. It's not that he's American (since I'm a Canadian) it's the entire time period and then the man out of time that really got me hooked on Captain America. I love that at one time, one nation almost took over the world and a bunch of other countries banded together to prevent it... its just like every team comic you ever read... except real! I love that someone who has all the heart in the world, actually gets the brawn to make a difference. I love that this character is at odds with his loyalty to his country and his own politics. I love that this character has emotional baggage/survivor's guilt about his young buddy dying and him surviving.... this character is an amazing property that needs to be handled as such... and not some popcorn puff piece of american propoganda.

What I want to see is a believable Captain America (much like BB and TDK) I want to suspend dis-belief as little as possible with this movie. I don't want it cheesy and I don't want to come out of the theatre and have my buddy ask me why he was able to throw around that shield and hit everything and have it come back on THE FIRST TRY!!

And apparently, its not just me who feels this way. And that is why I stay up nights and work out the details/scenes that I would NEED to see in a movie to make it work.

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