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Default Re: Shakespearean English

Well Shakespearean, Elizabethan, King's English,....or when you just plain get down to it, Stan Lee's PT Barnum like talent of making it noticeable and different, all the while giving a great show. What ever we're going to call it (for those nitpicking the proper label - I think we all know what it means)....I still think it'd be great to have some of it.

1. Especially with the actors involved now.

2. The director at the helm.

3. And let's face it...the subject matter. In all it's over top Wagnerian operatic godly flair. I mean, really....

I'll post my initial thought on Hopkins casting now

(now in the proper thread - you sticklers for detail)

Now C'MON! You've got to have that Shakespearean English now! (I still think it's a mistake not to use it. And it's the only thing I'm disappointed with about the movie so far) It just screams for it now with the addition of Hopkins. I mean, can't you hear it?!

'Yay verily, I say unto thee'....

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