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Default Re: Batman should die in the next film!

Originally Posted by Angel_Faerie View Post
Are you guys serious? You can't kill Batman. No superhero has ever died in a superhero movie (unless you count Spawn, I guess, but that's pushing it). It'd be a very ballsy move, but no way would it ever happen.
So it's basically a bad idea because it has never been done before?

I ceryainly think executives wouldn't will a character while they can squeeze one more dollar oput of it. But since when business has showed us the true way to a good film?

Originally Posted by mothy View Post
the topic of this thread is absurd. if someone wants batman to die, i seriously question their fandom.
Naturally. People who disagree are not true fans, period.

Originally Posted by Milu View Post
Batman will not, and should not, die in the next film. Why? Well . . .
  1. Batman is one of the most bankable superheroes to put on the big screen, and Warners knows that.

Still could make a good movie.

Originally Posted by Milu View Post
It's an asinine idea.

Originally Posted by Milu View Post
He's the gosh-darn Batman!
Best reason so far!

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