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Default Re: Shakespearean English

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
Can't find the article any more, we had it in the Old Official Thor threads in toward the beginning, but, I'm sure those links are broken now.
I recall MTV putting up an article that was taken down within the hour that I could find any trace of for the life of me that had a list of things Feige told them at Comic-Con about Thor. There was one about Cap that coincided with it that was just as ill-fated.

But anywho, the article said a bunch of promising stuff. One was there'd be no lame goofy scene where Thor is trying to work an iPhone and Asgard will be technologically advanced in their own regard, so Thor won't be talking to a lamppost for five minutes.

Another thing I remember is them citing that it's 70% Asgard and 30% Earth, but earlier in the year they said it was primarily on Earth, so it could have changed again by now. Too bad I can't remember anything else from it really, it was a lot of stuff that was pretty informative.

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