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Default Re: Shakespearean English

Thanks a ton. I actually decided to dig after reading that and found the Thor stuff in that thread and was about to check the Cap thread, but you saved me a buncha time.

edit: Rereading all that **** is so promising. I like how isn't afraid to admit Fox ****ed up Dr. Doom and he acknowledges the stupid fish-out-of-water jokes. Feige's pretty good at getting you jacked up, whereas most studio people worry you by using terms like "it's going to be badass and violent" (used to describe both Wolverine and Punisher: War Zone). They're all talkers, but Feige seems a little more genuine and confident than the others and the directors all seem to love him. I'm pretty sure I've read very positive comments from Favreau, Letterier, and Branagh.

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