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Default Re: Transformers: ROTF User Review Thread

I remember when I saw this in the theater, I thought "Ehhh, this was okay, not as good as the first." I felt let down once I thought about the plot and everything. The first one just had a way better story, this one was lacking it, plus if the movie is going to be 2hrs+ It needs to have a good story. The fight with Optimus and the Decepticons in the woods was awesome. It had some very cool fight scenes. The things that annoyed me most about this movie were
-The Twin Robots
- Seeing John Turturro's thong.
-Unnecessary dog humping

I mean some parts of the story was okay, but iunno. They tried to be too funny in this one. Some of it was, but a lot wasn't. I hope the next one is more about the robots, way, wayyyy less about the humans. I don't think this is a horrible movie like some critics make it out to be, it's just not spectacular. I'd prolly give it a 6-7/10

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