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Default Re: Bryan Singer's X-men 3 Revealed!

And why couldn´t they be both excellent movies in their own right? What´s this thing with fanboys that everything´s like a football team, people can´t praise or be excited about one property without trying to diminish the value of another? To me there´s more than one "best superhero movie ever" and I´m thankful for that.

And spare me from "those annoying Batman fanboys think TDK is the second coming", there has been this reaction - thankfully - to Superman The Movie, X2, Spidey 2, Iron Man and a few other. If it has been particularly intense in TDK´s case, to a large extent it corresponds to the particularly intense critical and commercial success of the movie. If it´s overrated or over-fabled in a fan´s view - and everything from Godfater to Casablanca has been called that on the Internet - it´s purely personal, but the unique impact that it had is a fact. And one can only dream Singer´s X3 would have had such an impact as well, sadly.


"Sometimes, people deserve more. Sometimes, they deserve to have their faith rewarded." So, thank you for rewarding mine, Mr. Nolan.

This article should be mandatory reading before people argue about movies on the internet:

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