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Thumbs up Re: Transformers: ROTF User Review Thread

Ok I've rewatched it and think I'll write my own review.

Story begins with TF and humans go way back the last ice age which was 17000 years ago.

- I don't see anything dumb here except that our fathers were primitive people, actually I prefer to call them under-educated since we have not achieved any advancement at that time. If anyone sees that part as "dumb" then they should have their brain checked. The primes harvesting suns/stars as an alternate energy source for the cube(all spark), nothing I can say "dumb" there either, because if we humans mine for lithuim ion or nickle metal hydrite whether we mine or manufacture them artificially, it's basic instinc that we seek energy source as much as the Primes did.

-1 of the Primes took on the role of traitor and thus the war began.
What is so dumb about betrayal? It is probably a part of the negativity
that is common to all sentient beings who for the worst part is not in control of ones emotions.

-Following the events of the first film, we see the Autobots hunt down the remaining Decepticons hiding on Earth and then that big robo truck said that "the fallen shall rise again". I particularly do not like his name, he could've picked a better name than "the fallen", but hey it's just the movies so whatever...then all hell breaks loose as Sam discovered a pice of the all spark left in his jacket.

-I thought it was funny that a sentient non-biological being tries to express his emotions by imitating a human when he express saddness through his tears. The TFs aren't heartless robots at all, they wouldn't have cared to save the humans if they weren't. So why is it that bumblebee crying or imitating a human crying dumb and not very entertaining? Would R2D2 do it better? Would Johnny 5 robot do it better?

-Truly the forest battle scene was one of the best fight scenes captured on film(I'll trade it for Batman vs Joker) Any objections here? Of course there would be, oh hell here come the fanboys crying!

-The pyramid scene and the link between the TFs and ancient megaliths. Ok, I'll understand if most people here will cry out "that's the dumbest thing to sell to the people", but the fact is that people bought it. BTW if the pyramid scene was dumb, its architechs do not think so; it is the only structure in the world built with precise accuracy and here are the points that baffles even today's geniuses: 1. It is perfectly aligned with the true north pole(during the last ice age 17,000-10,000BCE(google it) 2. Its base are exactly 700ft or so with an error of only 2.5 inches 3. You can derive the Pi(3.1415) the universal constant of a circle found in a square structure hmmmmm....4. It stands 480ft in height and all of which are made of pure lime stone with each stone weighing at at least 2 tons. 5. Most facinating of all is that the stones were perfectly cut to fit interlockingly and where the lines fit you cannot even push a 1/4mm thick card through it or even a razor blade. Also if you looked inside the Pyramid has complex rooms and levels that is considered far too complex for stone age Eyptians to build, but history as we know it says that it was them that built it(or so we were told). Now that is the dumbest explanation to be accepted as fact!

-True, the lack of character build up was a negative and I for one would have loved to see each of the Autobot and Decepticons have their screentime. I don't even know if the silver car was Jazz ressurected or another Autobot! The RC twins, those 2 half-wits robots, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream and many more. This is the downside of this film and I hope they'll make up for it in TF3.

-The final battle was impressive, but I wanted to see more. But that was really awesome!

-The funny scenes:
farting bots = 6 of 10
humping bots = 8 of 10
Jetfire's funny styles = 9 of 10
the 2 half-wits = 4 of 10

Overall this film is alright.

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