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Default Re: How should Captain America be viewed by soldiers and the public?

Do you guys know what would be an awesome idea? What if the film starts & ends in modern times.

Have the film start off with SHIELD searching for Captain America in a submarine. Nick Fury is the head of the other crew on the Submarine. The crew aren't sure what fury is looking for, but they follow his orders. Then one out of the crew gets the guts to ask Fury, " Sir, What exactly are we looking for"? Fury gives an epic response. It all leads to a time lapse back in time.
Then the WW2 era begins.

Then at the end of the WW2 era part of the film, show Steve Rogers falling in the water to be frozen for almost 65 years. We then switch back over to modern times as Nick Fury finishes up his story.

How do you guys like the idea?

Another way they could do this, is have an 86 year old Bucky Barnes telling the story.

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