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Default Re: Superman Secret Origin reviews

I`m sorry but this Secret Origin is just another attempt to shove STM down our throats just like SR.


You don`t need to mix and paste every goddamn origin together. What Johns should do is keep the spirit but write a fresh story, for god`s sake. When i say fresh, i don`t mean reinvent the character. Just write something we haven`t seen.

The first appearence was so uninspired writing, IMO. Couldn`t he come up with a more fun first rescue?? Superman saving Lois from a train or something. Whatever! Just use your goddamn imagination, Geoff.

Lois just runs away to the edge of the building, trips and falls and we`re supposed to believe that?!!?


C`mon. It made no sense whatsoever. The rescue was nice, the shirt rip and introduction was nice. But the build up to it was just rushed, stupid writing, even for comic book standards.

Also, Superman acting like Peter Parker in the end... "I think i made a mistake in saving people and revealing myself to the world..."

Thats just complete utter BS and bad characterization!! Superman should be proud to show up and wear this bright costume to inspire people. To be a flag of justice and this should`ve been his motivation and idealism from day one. Sorry but SO in my opinion just feels....flat....

The Constitution rescue in Man of Steel was much better. Lois & Clark as rivals too. The only thing decent about this issue was the characterization of the Daily Planet and the usual crew, Cat, Troupe, Jimmy, Perry, etc but how can you **** this up, really?

Ps: Did i say i hate dorky Clark? It just feels forced and a tad too much. The first pages are painful to read.

IMO, Superman for all seasons and TAS still are the best Superman origin stories ever.

Ps2: I just hate the way Frank draws Superman to resemble Christopher Reeve. It`s just a mistake, IMO. Chris was great but this homages are just going way too far, IMO.

Issues 1 and 2 were good, except for Superboy, but this 3rd one is just uninspiring.

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