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Default Re: Batman: Earth One

I really like this for a number of reasons. First I don't buy comics anymore so graphic novels are more appealing and I think this will appeal more to adults who like the Batman character but that they're aimed toward building a new audience via bookstores instead of comic book shops.

Second, I love Geoff Johns comment where he says "BATMAN: EARTH ONE allows Gary and I to break the restraints of any continuity and focus on two things: character and story.” There is alot of baggage that has crept into the Batman mythos. I thought the addition of Damien was a mistake as it didn't make for neither good character or story development and they continue to prolong that mistake with the character appearing monthly in the comics.

Other reason, is that for me Batman is Bruce Wayne, not Dick Grayson. So its good to get a Graphic novel that will focus on the psychology of Bruce and the stories that result as a consquence of becoming a vigilante. In fact, Robin was originally added to get more children to purchase the comic. I have no problem with that and actually like the Robin character but I like the storytelling more with just Bruce himself and enjoy Nolan's approach without Robin and feel in that more realistic version is seems more plausable that a man doing with Wayne is attempting to do to not have a teenage boy as a sidekick.

Now that is not to say that Batman: Earth One will not introduce the Robin character but I get the impression that is not the direction this will least for the foreseeable future.

This new series from DC seems to me to be more a fresh, mature and intellegent approach to telling the origin and the adventures of a very intriging character that was first introduced over 70 years ago and seems to be aimed to a non-traditional audience who do not buy comic books.

To quote a person from another forum, this new series seems "Much more user friendly, and I think DC is trying to get a "re-do", to make it easier to have a place for people interested in the characters to start and have a discrete, linear path to follow, without all the headaches associated with the random collection of books that make up the rest of the graphic novel section."

Cannot wait!

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