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Originally Posted by batpawn View Post
I'm really not too fond of batman's design. He's got a too superheroic and less demonic/scary appearance on that picture. I would have loved it if they went for a more gothic/pulp-noir look in this.

I'm still pretty excited for it. I, personally, love Batman's origin story and all the reimaginings it has got over the years. Although I hope that there is going to be an ongoing "40's pulp noir" batman series after the Batman/Doctor Savage oneshot. That sort of thing caught my attention much, much more.
Its certainly not a deviation from the superheroic look but I would not describe it as too superheroic. Its actually less and more military in design in my opinion and I think thats an indication of the direction this series is taking. As to the gothic/pulp-noir look well that has been done before and as it was said by one of the writers of Superman: Earth one, this approach assumes that the story is being told for the first time as of 2010, so as a result it would have a modern approach. Plus its only seems less scary because you are seeing a clear lighted picture of it. In actuallity, working in the shadows, any real look that most criminals would get of hm would be more of a glimpse than anything which I think would be quite terrifying.

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