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Originally Posted by Mace Dolex View Post
This will be a definite change of pace from all of the convoluted storylines as Battle For The Cowl, that Damian kid, Batman RIP and Dick Grayson as Batman B.S.

Bruce Wayne is the one true Batman, he's just as interesting as being the billionaire playboy as he is playing Batman and when Bruce Wayne retires the Batman persona that will be the end of that, he's not gonna give the mantle to someone else.

I wish I could work for DC comics so show them how it's done right.
Great comments and I agree. I actually don't mind Dick Grayson trying to become Batman. The problem I have with DC is making him or anyone successful as Batman. I think with the conclusion that DC should demonstrate with that story is that no one, and I mean NO ONE can be successful perform the job of Batman other than Bruce Wayne, even with Wayne as your teacher and mentor. Its like Michael Jordan. You cannot duplicate that because its something that he possessed that went beyond mind and body. It was sheer will. Bruce is able to do what he does through that and his sheer will is constastly being driven by his inner demons.

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