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Default Re: Batman: Earth One


I have to say, I've never been a fan of the yellow oval as a symbol on the suit, but in the context of the rest of that awesome suit design, combined with the design of alfred, bruce, the creative team involved, and this being a graphic novel thing, there is NO WAY I am missing this. Johns and Frank have established themselves as one of the sickest creative teams in a while. After reading their Superman, I cannot wait to read thier Batman!

I loved All Star Batman, but THIS...THIS is ULTIMATE BATMAN!

Actually, that suit reminds me ALOT of the Ultimate Batman designed in an article Wizard magazine ran a few years back, it was like a "What if DC had an Ultimate line?" , all the way down to the yellow raised symbol, the costume seam lines, the balck belt, and the mask forehead plate.

I liked that design though, so I don't mind!

With Alfred looking so HxC, I'm imagining him being a cross between how older Bruce was in Batman Beyond and how he was always driving Batman and Robin around in the 60s series, wearing his eye mask. Not that he'll have an eye mask, but I could see him being a little more gruff, helping bruce train, maybe driving the batmobile in a pinch. A little more involved in Batman's operation.

Like the Mickey to Bruce's Rocky, only a little bit younger and able to do more.

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