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Default Re: Bryan Singer's X-men 3 Revealed!

Originally Posted by Phoenix_Flare View Post
I forget where i saw this, but i heard some other idea's that Singer came up with for X3 was:

Emma Frost/White Queen, being an old flame of Xavier's
Nathaniel Essex/Sinister would be part of the Hellfire Club
Bolivar Trask & his Sentinels
no Storm, , but Beast

Sinister being part of HC would've been cool, because it would start his obession with Cyclops and Jean...possibly in future installements the Grey-Summers kids/clone(s) could appear

I wonder if Trask would be a member of the Hellfire society, cause in the comics Sen.kelly and he knew about the Sentinel project
I remember the Arcade and Sentinel rumours, but for X-Men 2, not X-Men 3. I remember the No Storm ones too, but not that she would be replaced with Beast. When did X2 come out? 03? Darn, how time flies? lol...

On 11/12/2014 this happened:
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