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Originally Posted by ironman29758 View Post
well actually the only reason I kind of like the yellow oval because the criminal attacks the chest instead of the head(kind of the reason Frank Miller said in DKR and we saw in the first batman movie) but other wise no yellow oval for me
I never really bought that theory. If someone has the patience and the time and no pressure on him to take aim at Batman, they'd probably shoot him in the head. But when you're getting chased down a dark alley by Batman, you have no time to turn around, take careful aim and hit Batman in the head. You're just gonna shoot wildly and pray to god you hit and kill him. The same applies for the oval. You're just gonna shoot wildly at him. You're not gonna take careful aim and hit the oval. Saying it draws attention to gunfire is just giving it a purpose that may have already been there or never needed to be stated in the first place.

The oval is part of the character. It looks cool. Even if someone decided to make a Bendis-Daredevil style Batman series, i'd want the oval. Who cares if it "doesn't make sense". Alot in the Batman world doesn't make sense. The oval should be at the bottom of the list.

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