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Default Re: Batman: Earth One

This is part of an interview with Grant Morrison about his "Return of Bruce Wayne" that I think can be applied to this new graphic novel as well.

A. The challenge is to keep everything familiar while making what appear to be far-reaching changes and having characters react as if those changes are permanent!

Batman needs to be eternally young, renewed like some pagan Fertility King to suit the changing tastes of his audience in each fresh generation. Batman can never grow old or die — and stories, no matter how good, which depict these events cannot be considered "canon." Batman was born in 1939 and would now be a sprightly 70-year-old if he aged like the rest of us. The "real" Batman, however, enjoys godlike immortality and must always be 30-ish moneyed orphan, Bruce Wayne, who dresses as a bat to fight crime. The trick is to tell stories which expand the limits of how far you can go and still maintain the integrity of the basic idea. And everything has to be done with the knowledge and understanding that I — as the current writer — am only a tiny link in a long chain of all the people who already have or will one day tell stories about Batman.

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Thanks Hype for the memories!

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