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Default Re: Mr. Sinister Casting Thread

Originally Posted by TheVelvetOnion View Post
Had a bit of a brain storm... now i have always been a bit of a Robert Knepper fan for the role of Mr.Sinister....

But now i have a new front runner... This comes because im a huge fan of this actor. But i couldnt figure what role he would be good at if he became a marvel character. At first i thought Loki then Electro.... but after watching G.I.JOE the best villian of all time.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt... there was something quiet sinister about his cobra commander, now i know commander was disfigured and crocky but think of Levitt playing the role as himself... Mr Sinister...

He would be brilliant
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a good actor. Although I think he is a bit too young for Sinister. However, he is my top choice to play the Joker should the part be recast for Batman 3.

Sinister, I see being older and more.........sinister.

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