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Default Re: Batman: Earth One

Originally Posted by Drz View Post
And they'd tell you it's a 12 issue story of a Batman character study with a tough Robin and a happy Batman. Literally 1 day after Batman "died" they assured it wasn't anything that would stay.

Like it or not but the sales and fans are loving Batman & Robin, and Bruce is set to make his comeback in 2010. Dan Didio already confirmed it.
In fact people love Dick and Damian as the dynamic duo so much that they are asking for more of them since DC already announced that Bruce's Return will start in March.
I love the new duo as well, and i too want more of them before we go back to the same ol', same ol'. Dickbat is just so much more fun!

As for the batsuit, i never was a fan of the yellow emblem but its supposed to be Batman's emblem in his first years so i dont mind it so much. Especially when he doesnt have the yellow belt and the suit would look bland without a striking detail. Its the seams on his suit and cowl that ruin it for me.
Originally Posted by Cain View Post
To my fellow fans who enjoy the regular DCU continuity, do you think this will prolong Bruce's return now? since Dick being Bats has pretty much pleased a great majority of the fanbase and the sales represent that and this will be more accessible to the BB/TDK crowd anyway. The bridge has finally been built so I hope this means Grayson Bats in the canon for at least another 4 years
I hope so. I mean, hardcore Bruce fans still have confidential and a buttload of other issues with Bruce coming out. I am enjoying this new dynamic in the batman franchise and i just love Damian!
Originally Posted by Cain View Post
Just an observation but I've noticed the only people I've seen knock the oval most are the ones who got into Batman comics this decade or got into Batman through the Nolan movies. I've never seen anybody else before that complain about the yellow bat insignia really.
What if we simply prefer the black bat emblem?
Originally Posted by BATS N' HORNETS View Post
Sorry, I just can't see someone who has read comics for a long time & been primarily exposed to the ellipse being against it!

It's classic Batman...
Its classic but the new one makes it look cheesy. Why cant you accept opinions different to your own?

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