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Default Re: What other Iron Man villains should appear in a sequel


Madam Masque- showing how she got that mask on would be huge. Only thing about that is, I think you might have to introduce Count Nefaria (her dad) into the story. He was always kind of weak to me. On the Black Lama level.

Maybe kedrell you remember, those 3 guys. One had a bolo the other 2 had electrified weapons. They showed up in the early 100's of the 616. He fought them in the mall once. It would make for good Superman 2 type action.

Only thing about Blizzard is he's a 'cold' guy. Severl hero's have one of these in their rouge galleries. I don't want the average movie goer to think they were a large part of all hero's villians. He is a badd ass tho.

Luv the Ghost too.

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