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Default Re: Batman: The Animated Series vs. The Batman

Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
Everything was better.

Seriously, I know nostalgia taints but can anyone here even begin to even try to even start to think objectively?

Yes, I'll agree that BTAS was the better show, by a fair margin too, but people claiming that "everything" was superior clearly haven't watched the show, or perhaps only watched one or two seasons at best.

The animation was far superior, this is fact, far more fluid. The fights were also much better staged, compare the awkward BTAS tumble at the climax of Perchance to Dream (a classic episode) to Ragdolls to Riches, which became a favourite of mine simply by virtue of having some of the most beautifully staged fight sequences I've ever seen in animation.

The use of arcs was also of great support to The Batman. While BTAS followed a loose continuity it sometimes shot itself in the foot, such as the creation of Two-Face when Harvey had had only minor roles in two previous episodes. After the great two-parter the next appearances of the character are suddenly hanging out with supervillains and robbing banks with glee. Compare to the masterfully crafted arc of Clayface (TB's replacement for Two-Face) which had Ethan Bennet as a fully established character for an entire season, showcasing his downfall, later attempt at rehabilitation and reversion to crime, and THEN his typical robbing banks. It even followed up with a redemption story too.

Another arc was the evolution of Batman's identity in Gotham, from being a myth at the beginning, to fugitive throughout season 1, friend to Yin in season 2 and finally a fullblown ally for the remainder.

Additionally, while one might disagree with the representations of major villains, there is no denying that The Batman didn't get some minor villains right. Their version of Firefly is vastly superior to the DCAU counterpart, here depicted as a cocky arsonist-for-hire, with delusions of grandeur and hidden depths that are explored when he becomes Phosphorous. Hugo Strange in TB is also clearly superior to the rather poor BTAS version, and also has a great arc within the show. The teenage Poison Ivy was also one of the freshest incarnations of the character in years, much more than the cheesecake 2d one seen in the comics so often. Black Mask was also much more interesting than his comic counterpart.

The powers of the JLA were also used much more effectively than most times in the Justice League, which was often grating to see Superman forget he could shoot heat beams, or Martian Manhunter (and this was a huge problem in JL) could shapeshift and phase.

Additionally, the direct-to-video film The Batman vs Dracula was fantastic, and for atleast is right behind Mask of the Phantasm and Return of the Joker in terms of quality.

I could think of more points but I think that will do. The Batman is an underappreciated cartoon with some fantastic episodes. Not as good as BTAS I agree, but certainly doesn't deserve the rap it gets.

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