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Default Re: Batman: The Animated Series vs. The Batman

Originally Posted by Two-Face View Post
Well excuse me for liking BTAS I loved every episodes. I loved the music. Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamil. BTAS was true to comics. Doing well with Robin's & Batgirl's Origins. Not to say TB was crap but I just prefer BTAS over. Is that hard to understand?
Not at all (though I can't fathom anyone liking I've Got Batman in my Basement), I love BTAS and vastly prefer it over The Batman by a longshot. But you state as if fact that BTAS was better in every single aspect, the biggest outright offender being animation, which can't honestly even be subjective. The Batman's animation was miles and miles ahead without question. If you meant art design then I simply misread you, but as much as I personally hold BTAS to be one of the best cartoons ever I know that saying it has superior animation to The Batman is just plain wrong. That is what's hard to understand; not your love of the show.

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