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Default Re: What other Iron Man villains should appear in a sequel

The Ghost is my favorite Iron man villain

I had this idea awhile ago (before they announced whiplash as the second movie's villian), that the Ghost and Spymaster should be in the second movie. Spymaster would be employed by the Russian government to steal either the Arc Reactor or blue prints to make an armor or something. Ghost would then come into play ,to keep it like the comics, because he hates corporations. The three would eventually cross paths leading to the final fight where the Ghost kills Spymaster, (like he did in the Ghosts first story) by grabbing him and phasing him half way through a wall and letting him go, so he becomes solid again halfway through the wall. The Ghost finds out The Russian government hired him and and completes the contract (figuring it'd be a good way to damage Stark Industries). The final shots of this movie would show Stark in his office drunk looking into a mirror (a recreation of Demon In A Bottle). The third movie would be Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man.

EDIT: FORGOT TO MENTION - War Machine would be in the Third movie too, to assist Iron Man in fighting two armored villains

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