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Default Re: Iron Man suits you'd like to forget.

Originally Posted by Dr.Dude View Post
I agree with this point about the circular emblem, though I never see many people say anything about it. Something about the circle is so much more iconic to me than the various triangles or pentagon shaped chest pieces often used.

I also agree with the earlier statements that Iron Man's fake musculature in a lot of his armors was a bit ridiculous. The more realistic robotic look of the modern armors is much more effective, though I'll admit I still have a fondness for the "modular armor" in the 90's cartoon.

As far as the main topic at hand, though, I'd like to forget ever looking at the "Iron kid" armor that the teenage Tony Stark wore sometime in the 90's.

I actually really like the triangular chest beam. The Modular Armor was my first experience with Iron Man with the Cartoon and Marvel vs Capcom, so I definately love that armor, and the Extremis Armor is probably my favorite. Not to take anything away from the circle tho. The Classic Red and Gold armor is his most iconic armor. When most people think of Iron Man, they think of that armor.

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