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Default Re: The Joker Blogs on Youtube...

Originally Posted by OctaviousINC View Post
They're doing something creative. It's better than just sitting in front of your webcam and reciting TDK lines over and over again.
well... but that's basically what he does. don't get me wrong, the scripts 'are' creative for the most part, I give them that. but his joker impersonation isn't creative in the slightest. sure, he does a quite good heath ledger joker, and he 'has' acting talent. but basically, every sentence he says is an 'updated' version of a sentence the joker said in 'the dark knight'. every expression he makes is basically an expression that heath ledger did in the dark knight. and for what reason? to make sure that people get it's a 'dark knight' tie-in?

I already find such things very annoying in dark knight parodies, because doing the exact same thing we saw in the movie does not a parody make. hell, I even find it annoying if people in online boards are doing dark knight quotes constantly (really, If someone is asking me once again why I'm so 'serious', I'm going to show 'em what seriousness is all about). but considering that the 'joker blogs' wants to be taken seriously, it doesn't really help... at all.

You see, what was so great about ledger's take on the joker is the fact that he wasn't predictable in the slightest. You had absolutely no idea what he was going for, every line he said, every act of violence and hate seemed fresh and original, because it always came off as a suprise. Taking a character who's fulfillment was basically his depth in originality and the suprise in his actions, and turning him into a predictable cardboard cut-out who is constantly quoting himself and who even gets a kick out of it, is clearly the 'worst' thing you could do.

I'm not criticizing their moviemaking abilities, I'm just saying that they would be better off if they'd do something original out of it. something of their own. well, they surely wouldn't be as popular like they are at the moment. But they'd at least show, that they can do better than just 'ripping off' a concept in pretty pictures.

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