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Default Re: The Joker Blogs on Youtube...

I agree with you, batpawn. I could pretty much pinpoint every mannerism/voice pitch this kid makes to Ledger's in TDK. Like you said, he doesn't bring anything new to the table impression wise.

The fact is when I first heard about these jokerblogs I immediately hated them. I was sick of seeing Ledger impressions and every video had 1000's of comment on how "hawt" the Joker is. Bleh.

But I gave them a chance, and I somewhat enjoy what they do. They're fun little internet videos. I've seen a TON of Batman fan films and most are pretty horrendous. TDK gave Batman fan films a chance to be even more lazy. Most recent Batfan films all have the Joker as the villian spewing the same lines from TDK, there's an interrogation scene etc. It's like someone wanted TDK but with no budget, bad actors, and amature as hell. So the Jokerblogs are a bit refreshing in that sense. Ledger's characterization of the Joker changed things forever. And we'll be getting A LOT of rip offs in many forms. But Jokerblogs is one of the better ones.

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