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Default Re: What other Iron Man villains should appear in a sequel

Originally Posted by SurfDUI View Post
Didn't you say that you thought MM might not get into 3.
Yes, that is what I think will happen. I think #3 will be the Mandarin as the main villain with a minor villain like Spymaster or Ghost to round it out. Madame Masque is too good to be wasted in a small role like that. There isn't a doubt in my mind that Marvel doesn't want #3 to be the last Iron Man movie ever made. With this particular cast/crew sure, but they want to keep making them for as long as they can and as long as they are good. It would be wise to save Madame Masque for the next iteration of the franchise.

The SpiderMan movies squeezed a lot of his world into 3 films. There has to be a Madame Masque if it moves forward.
I agree she does but not necessarily in this first group of 3 Iron Man movies though. And I'm not the biggest fan of how the Spidey movies turned out. #2 was decent and the first half of #1 was a good enough take on the origin but apart from that I thought they were seriously lacking.

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