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Default Re: What other Iron Man villains should appear in a sequel

Originally Posted by SurfDUI View Post
yea, but I think I need to have her show up sooner than later...Don't I?
I mean even by the time I got to reading I'M she was gone. I came around in #222, I think her last was #204 I think.

Current no, relevant no, but as far as influence on the character def. Yes. Ill be burnt up if she's not even mentioned in 2...I hate to compare to the Rami franchise, but she's Gwen as far as comic to film relevance.
She ain't Gwen. If we want to get technical, Pepper is Gwen and Bethany Cabe would be MJ. Masque would be Black Cat(although that's where this analogy breaks down since BC isn't a true evil villainess while Masque is).

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