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Default Re: Batman: Earth One

Ok. First of all. You guyys only barely touched on the full reason for the yellow ellipse. Its not "just" for a new look. Aside from any legal or merchandising reasons, it was the first time batman introduced armor protection. Yes, its yellow to give a target. Whoever it was (sry I can't quote you, I'm replying from my phone lol) that said you aren't gunna sit there and try to aim for a target, your not looking at it from the right perspective. Picture batman in the shadows. The only thing your really gunna see is the yellow bat. That's what they mean by a target.b onto what I was saying, when it was introduced, batman put a plate of armor behind it so when they shot him, it'd hit the armor. This was obviously before they decided to make his whole suit armor. But the yellow symbol is what introduced the idea of body armor. Therefore making it awesome. It started a new revolution for his char. It initiated the soldier feel. That's why its classic. And yes 1964. But. A lot of batmans best stuff was during that time. I think he ment classic as most recognized. Not oldschool. Between comming out with the comics during that time, the tim burton movie, and batman tas having that symbol (btw. Yellow on grey worked for him dude) I would agree it is classic batman. Besides. You think a batman t shirt. Its gunna be that symbol. Garenteed.

Man my thumbs hurt from typing on my qwerty lol.

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