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Default Re: Mark Millar's Superman

From MillarWorld:

Originally Posted by 'Mark Millar

Financially, it makes so much sense for us to do one of our own properties next, either Nemesis or American Jesus or whatever. But Matthew and I talk all the time about the notion of revamping Superman for a new generation (and YES, 30 somethings, that DOES mean an origin to explain where the Hell he came from to my daughter and her pals). Obviously, there's some legal **** to sort out but anyone who thinks Superman is gone is just plum crazy. Should we pursue this aggressively, especially given the buzz on Kick-Ass is just astronomical and Matthew is being offered pretty much anything he wants to do?

We had so much fun casting around on all this, just idle chats in the pub as we scribbled our notes. Imagine Daniel Craig as Lex Luthor, Clint Eastwood as Pa Kent, Daniel Day-Lewis and Julianne Moore as Jor-El and Lara. And the idea one of our production team had for Jimmy Olsen is just GENIUS! But let's not get ahead of ourselves. What do YOU guys think? You wanna see the Kick-Ass team REALLY go after Superman or develop something else?


Originally Posted by 'Mark Millar

I have no doubt we'd do a great Superman movie. Matthew has stated that Bond has been revamped, as has Batman, Star Trek and all the other favourites from our childhood. Superman never really got that revamp so much as a finale to the Donner movies. So he's still primed for a reboot for a new century and a new audience. THAT SAID, I love it too much to do something compromised. Something that means notes from lots of people who thought it was awesome to have him in bed at the end of the last movie. I dunno. Is it worth the grief? I love Superman too much to do something that wouldn't be perfect. Kick-Ass was an amazing experience. It's just how I want to work now.

Hell yeah! I hope they get a shot at Superman.

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