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Default Re: My War Machine costume! with pics!

thanks everyone, just to let everyone know that i put the helmet on the back burner for now.

here some update/upgrades pictures still have a lot to do. :/

test fitting chest piece with upgraded forearms to see how well everything flow so far.

-Things to be completed-
-motorized open/close missile pod 30%
-motorized up/down position locked Mini gun 0%
-forearms 90% finished
-Bicep 0%
-Chest armor 90%
-Shoulder bells 0%
-Back armor 0%
-Helmet 90%
-Abdominal 30%
-upper thigh 0%
-lower legs 0%
-cod piece 0%

enjoy the pictures so far, again still a lot of work to do..

will prep for paint later when alot more is finished. "also sucks that some of the details doesent show because of lighting :/"

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