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From MillarWorld:
Originally Posted by Mark Millar
Originally Posted by Dave Wallace
If you do it (and it sounds like a dream project, studio interference aside), then I'd love the origin to be done in the All-Star-Superman style: a quick recap of the basic story that everyone knows (seriously, even people who have never read a Superman comic or seen a Superman movie in their lives know the origin) and get to the good stuff quickly rather than spending half a movie on another origin story.

Unless you've got some special new ideas for the origin, in which case go for it.
Honestly, you could not be more wrong, Dave. This approach is fine for people aiming at a small group of hardcore fans, but the modern general public have no idea who Superman's parents are or where he came from. People over 30 might and people over 40 generally do (though might be very sketchy on anything beyond Krypton exploding and adoptive Earth parents). But this should be aimed at 7- 25 year olds primarily. Donner is my hero, but he said to me in person that he had to make Superman his own as opposed to the George Reeves one the previous generation was so familiar with. I was EIGHT the last time Superman's origin was retold for the mainstream and I turned FORTY last week. We are now as far away from Superman The Movie as Superman The Movie was from It's A Wonderful Life and Brief Encounter.

Anyone who suggests that normal teenagers know enough about Superman to start halfway through the story or do a quick recap simply don't have kids. Nobody under 30 (who didn't have a comic collection) had a clue about the plot of that last movie. Plus we have so many great ways of doing Krypton now in the digital age with lush Scarlet Jungles or Jor-El climbing the Jewel Mountains who WOULDN'T want a little back-story, especially if Brainiac (as he should be) gets to be the villain of the piece. The plan Matthew and I had featured a LOT of Krypton, but it was very action packed and sci fi and had massive battles going on before the planet erupted. It would be all new material but touching base with some of the back-drops and characters we've seen in the comics, though by no means aimed at the hardcore Superman fans like myself.

I don't mean another rehashed origin like DC seem to do every ten mins. OF COURSE comic fans don't need to be educated in such matters. Brainiac, on the other hand, is another matter. You've got to start the story at the beginning and do it justice. And by that I don't mean bollocks like Smallville. It needs to be smart and grand and epic, treated with the same dignity Nolan brought to Batman, though obviously a very different tone as Superman is a more optimistic character. Batman is all about vengeance whereas the tone of Superman should be uplifting. You should walk out that cinema with the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. It should be almost a spiritual experience.

Financially, it would be best just to do American Jesus or Nemesis or something. It would also be less hassle as we'd be working for ourselves. But we love this and what could be better than bringing something you love to a whole new generation, lighting it up for another thirty years? But like I said I'd rather NOT do Superman than do a BAD Superman movie. It means too much to us.


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