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Default Re: My War Machine costume! with pics!

More updates/upgrades progress, trying to get a lot things done then tweak to perfection later. enjoy the updates/upgrades

-Things to be completed-
-motorized open/close missile pod 30%
-motorized up/down position locked Mini gun 0%
-Machine gun forearms 100% finished
-Bicep 100%
-triceps 95%
-Chest armor 90%
-Shoulder bells 0%
-Back armor 0%
-Helmet 90%
-Abdominal 75%
-upper thigh 0%
-lower legs 0%
-cod piece 40%
-Gauntlet covers 100%
-arm covers 0%

-test fit with my old war machine helmet. Still need arms covers and need to finish up on the shoulder bells to cover the upper arms :/.

enjoy the pictures

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