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Default Re: Batman: Earth One

Originally Posted by SixtyThree View Post
Yeah, we REALLY need an ENTIRE series devoted to explaining how Batman's suit is a "Nomex, kevlar triple weave protype marines battle suit, lined with pure 24k gold. the cowl utilized starlight nightvision generation 7 lenses capable of functioning in near blackout conditions w/optional infrared backup all of this linked to Norad accessable satellite uplink radio aparatus quadruple encrypted on a teraflop network. OH and the cape, buddy the cape is a lead tip weighted, bulletproof kevlar weave with an electro-magnetic current induced rigitididididdidy that can at once be firm, yet pliable like a teen's A$$. i can see how this is completely necessary for Batman. I cant stand batman and robin, or dick grayson. only bruce wayne should be batman! ONLY ONLY ONLY YLNO YLNO. i quit buying bat books the second the series turned into this mockery of his good name and status. if i dont get another story where the riddler scheme is foiled by the batgod ill switch to marvel. im serious. *morgan freemans voice* "and mr. wayne it does come in ELIPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ( for all you ACTUAL comic fans) this series blows. judge/jury/execution
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