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Default Re: Batman: Earth One

"And if there is one word that might sum up our version of Batman it’d be grounded"

"you’ll see the Joker, but the first well-known villain we’ll be focusing on early in the BATMAN: EARTH ONE graphic novel series is the Riddler."

and no sir, im not a troll, im merely making a joke of a new book that seems like one of those dorky comic book versions of batman movies a la batman forever or batman and robin (clooney) that you see on stands when the movie is in theatres. only this one is for nolan fans, who have some desperate need to see batman in hyper realism mode where everything is explained "logically". it just seems like bad fan fic having alfred be some juiced up S.A.S. the odd design of the batsuit and the gritty realism this series will undoubtedly promote. there seems little need for this series other than to capitalize on nolan world fans, especially when you consider how good the comic where dick and damien kick a frog in its face has been.

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