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Default Re: Batman: Earth One

Originally Posted by SixtyThree View Post
azarello's "Joker" was the worst piece of trash i have read in the comic book medium in 5 years. i picked it up during one of my buying binge days without even so much as scanning it. that sack of trash and type hasn't moved from the shelf I sat it on since the 20 minutes it took me to read and discard it as fast as i possibly could. i mean it was horrible, just horrible. I had to google rob liefeld art images for 2 solid hours to rape my mind clean for reading it. that bad. I filed that one next to my movie to comic version of batman and robin. that said, i cant wait to see the how "wildly different" some of the characters are. Gordon's probably going to be half cyborg judging by the alfred pic. i bet the riddler will carry double drum-clip carbines and "riddle" his crimes with bullets, GET IT???? joker will probably BE SOOOO SERRRRIOUSS and have pitbulls and be black, i bet hes a black jamaican gangster. bane will be brock lesnar, and scarecrow will be 7 foot tall. killer croc will literally be an animal on the loose from the zoo. the day this drops will be a holiday
and all of a sudden, I feel deeply ashamed that I ever gave you any credit, what so ever.

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