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Default Re: PRETEND! It's a restart, name your dream CAST/DIRECTOR/COMPOSER

For composer, I'd go with Hans Zimmer, and as the director, Edward Zwick. As for the cast a try restart, and I'd go back to the beginning. My cast, and a bit of how I'd present the characters below:

Superman/Clark Kent-Robbie Amell (he's 21 and 6'1)

Lois Lane-Emmy Rossum

I'd have Lois only at the Daily Planet for a couple of years but she's already made big splashes with her articles and uncovering plots from Intergang. Her biggest story will be the inevitable Superman interview

Perry White-Martin Sheen

I'd play Perry as a tough but fair Editor whose considering retirement reasoning that he's seen it all, and the thrill is gone as nothing surprises him anymore. Until our boy in blue shoes up of course.

Lex Luthor,-Timothy Olyphant

A suave and ruthless business man who is Metropolis favorite son, at least when the film starts. It was his performance in the Girl Next Door that sold me on him for this role, not the fact that he was bald in Hitman

Mercedes "Mercy" Graves-Michelle Rodriguez

Lex's personal assistant and chief advisor whose reltionship to Lex seems to be more than just coworkers

Jimmy Olsen-Dustin Milligan

A young upstart photo journalist with a promising career, Very confident behind the lens, but lacks it when not hidden behind the camera.

Prof Emil Hamilton-Donald Sutherland

Great actor, and looks the part

Rudy Jones/The Parasite-Evan Jones

A petty criminal who is currently working as a janitor at Star Labs. when an accident turns him into the power sucking Parasite

Brainiac-Arnold Vosloo (For the inevitable sequel teaser ending)

Jor-el-Tim Daly

Morre sense thata younger man than Brando would have a new born babyt, and he'd be a nice easter egg for the die hard fans like us

Eye Sea Ewe

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