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Default Re: Batman: Earth One

my point is this: the superman:earth one isnt about tom welling growing up in kansas, learning to fly and balance prom all while hiding his "secret". its about the choice to become a hero, the consequence and the aftermath. instead with Batman:earth one were getting YET ANOTHER, year one story that has been frigging DONE TO DEATH. LIKE LITERALLY TO DEATH. is it really neccesary to have another title devoted to Bruce wayne dramtically training to become batman, then, embarking shakily on his first mission in his war on crime, only to be faced with minimal failure and deterrence. how many times can we see him befriend a warry jim gordon, or a skeptical Bullock? is batman an urban legend? is he some kind of monster dracula??? I DUNNO??? this is a fanboy money laundering exploitation racket that will yield NOTHING MORE than a few wacky twists on tried and true characters, maybe a few forgettable new villians (cmon, you arent going to get lucky and reinvent the wheel like Harley twice) and a shocker "ROBIN earth one" after about the first year of publication.

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