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Default Re: Frank Miller's & Neal Adam's Batman Odyssey

Originally Posted by Drz View Post

Sunday Morning with Neal Adams

Interview with Neal Adams:

Older Interview with Neal Adams:

So let's wrap this up:
Pencils: Neal Adams
Story: Neal Adams
Inks: Various
Dialogue: Frank Miller.

Looking good. Ofcourse some people will now make jokes about "Dick Grayson. Age Twelve" but this isn't Miller's comic so the editor can't just be okay with Miller doing his own gig and i doubt Miller would put his own Batman for Neal's work.
Yeah now that I see Adams also has a story by credit then I doubt Miller would go overboard strictly out of respect. So people finally may get a more dialed down FM Batman this time around. Whatever is the case I just know the Boston Brand fan in me just got a joygasm

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