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Default Re: I Still Do Not See A Namor Movie Out There

Namor - Those underwater effects, has any film been able to pull that off successfully yet? I was thinking that the Fantastic 4 would've met him a 3rd movie had the 2nd one been successful enough (Reason: Doom landed in the water after his defeat...small sign but one nonetheless).

Ant-Man - He, Wasp, Hawkeye, Vision, etc. would probably be served best in an Avengers movie as fresh additions to the team opposed to Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America who are more well-known and would have their own movies.

Black Panther - I think this was in development before Blade came out with Snipes wanting to play the lead. In addition to making appearances in the new Iron Man series and DTV movies, there's still an animated series coming out for the character that'd help to build buzz/hype for a movie.

Luke Cage/Iron Fist - I like a Marvel Knights movie of some kind for these characters to see how the audience may react to them (along with Moon Knight, maybe Daredevil, etc.) and then a spinoff for Heroes for Hire or either character.

Venom - Big ? here since the reboot news. I was thinking that it would've followed the Raimi continuity with Eddie Brock, Sr. as the host of the symbiote, but now it's harder to speculate.

Silver Surfer - FF2 may've removed this from the slate. A Silver Surfer movie would be a large undertaking in that it's likely to be mostly animated, and the reaction to FF2 probably wasn't enough to move it forward. After the success of Avatar (a Fox-produced film), it may still be possible though.

Disney may have something in mind for these characters. We'll have to wait and see.

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