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Default Re: How do we avoid the third act curse?

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
The problem is that none of the movies franchises were stable for the third film. Either studios begin to tamper with the final product, or the director leaves.

Spiderman 3 - Raimi was forced to add villains and had a hard time making it dark on top of other crap he put in it

Batman Forever - Tim Burton leaves and is replaced by Schumacher. Burton's original script for the film is heavily tampered with.

X-men 3: Brian Singer is replaced by Brett Ratner. Do I need to say more?

Superman 3: Richard Donner was already gone and producers once again ripped this film to shreds.

Blade: Trinity - different directors with different visions had done all three Blade films so it was bound for trouble.

It takes one united vision (and near complete creative control) to create a great and successful trilogy. It's as simple as that.
I would agree with you overall. Right now all hope lies (once again) with Batman, as it is the only film franchise currently in a position to overcome the curse. I would like to see a franchise spawn four worthwhile films, but that seems less & less likely. Especially with the Spider-Man reboot. I was hoping that Raimi & Co. could pick up the pieces & redeem the mistakes made with the forced incorporation of Venom. But now we'll never know if that was possible.

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