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Default Re: I Still Do Not See A Namor Movie Out There

Originally Posted by Spidey-Quad View Post
Nor a
Black Panther
Luke Cage
Silver Surfer

Were these only empty promises to use as hype? I put the blame on Avi for exactly this... and rushing what has been made primarially by FOX basically ruining DD, FF, Electra, X-Man Last Stand, and W-Orgins.

Yes he was not directly involved in the later, but the mold was set by then.
Anyhow, any hope for the above movies?
The characters you mentioned don't have much name recognition, but that hasn't stopped Marvel before. I think the bigger deal is that they are trying to get bigger properties off now that they have their own studios, and those who are owned by other studios will get done when the studio is really feeling the property. Marvel will focus on Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Avengers, and Sony, Fox, Lion's Gate, and whoever else will make their properties when they think it's profitable.

In Namor's case, I think money is the biggest thing. Some of the things you mentioned can be done on a smaller budget, but Namor would cost a lot when it comes to the water effects. That is unless they decided to make Namor a human guy looking for Atlantis, and most of the movie is spent above the surface while he's discovering who he is.

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