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Default Re: "By The Goddess" The Official Storm/Halle Thread (part 2)

hm I probably shouldn't mentioned this in a Halle/Storm thread, but I thought Storm lovers should know that I was on a "Aaliyah's blog site" and the owner posted that the late Static Major, producer/rapper who wrote songs for the late R & B singer,Aaliyah was also considered for the role of Storm in X1 in an interview he did awhile back...

This is news for people who thought Halle didn't do Storm justice and how come the studio didn't consider other black women for the role...I myself would've enjoyed Aaliyah as "Storm" being a fan of her music, she had a nice body, being a dancer and not to mention in "Queen of the Damned" her Egyptian accent was good and she was Aaliyah didn't have the skin tone of Storm,and at the time X1 was filming Aaliyah was 20,so maybe Fox was going to cast a somewhat younger cast to potray the X-Men in general(albeit Wolverine) but it's always interesting to know what could have been if she took the role and how her potroyal would have been and who would have replaced her after her tragic death in a plane crash in Aug. 2001

So what are your thoughts Storm lovers? FYI if you never heard of Aaliyah or not a fan please don't bash her,her music, or films...and lets respect the dead and talk about another actress who was considered to play our beloved "Wind Rider"

Oh and feel free to post manips of Aaliyah as "Storm" if you want...

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