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Default Re: Neal Adam's Batman Odyssey

Originally Posted by rogue trooper View Post
Well, I for one I'm glad Neal Adams hasn't "modernized" his art. I like it the way it always has been, but that's me.

Favorite artists? Neal Adams, ofcourse, Bernie Wrightson, Tim Sale, Mike Zeck, Ed Benes, Gene Colan, Jim Lee, Mark Texiera, Mike Ploog, Ed McGuinness, and David Finch.
Ed Benes???? WHAAAAAT? You mean you like how his women all have the same face, and they re drawn in an "S" position that shows both their buttocks and their breasts for cheesecake purposes?
Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
A wide variety. Neal Adams, Kelley Jones, Dave McKean, Jim Lee, Adam Hughes, Darwyn Cooke, Kyle Baker, Gene Colan, Bill Sienkiewicz, Frank Miller, the late great Wally Wood.
Forgot about Hughes, the man is a god!

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